About Woodprint

Capture your memories forever

We all have hundreds of photos hidden in albums or tucked away in dusty boxes under the bed, now with the addition of digital cameras and smart phones in our everyday life it is easy to forget those great moments you have snapped along the way.

It is our vision to help you easily capture your memories by giving you the tools to design your own stunning personalised prints on our handcrafted wood – your photos/our designs. Premium quality products and handcrafted in Melbourne.

We promise to produce the project you’ve invested so much love and thought into, to the highest quality standard while giving you outstanding customer service along the way. We are so confident that you will love your WoodPrint, that if for any reason you are unhappy with it, we’ll either reprint it or issue you with a credit of the same value!

Woodprint is an Australian owned and operated company providing you with the tools to design your products in the comfort of your own home. Our simple and easy online design software lets you become the creative genius, layouts and templates have been provided to help you capture your memories to share with friends and family near and far.

Printing on wood

We use a unique printing process that prints directly on plywood, that doesn’t lead to ink bleeding into the wood. It’s not a print transfer or multi-staged fiddly process. It’s pretty awesome.

We use FSC certified Birch Plywood and our inks are non-solvent based, which are environmentally friendly and both water and sunlight resistant. The natural, beautiful wood grain shines through a WoodPrint. White colours aren’t printed, whilst light colours are transparent allowing the wood grain to be visible. Less grain is visible with darker colours. Edges show off the simple yet beautiful plywood pattern. Each WoodPrint comes with a ready-to-hang or ready-to-stand solution.

Start creating your Woodprint today by selecting a template HERE